Fortum eNext to refurbish a 46-year-old generator in Sweden

05 February 2020, 16:06 EET

E.ON has chosen Fortum eNext to refurbish the old generator in Åbyverket CHP plant unit G3 in Örebro, Sweden. The generator will be serviced in Fortum’s own fully equipped workshop to repair and rewind both rotors and stators. After the refurbishment, the generator will be as good as new and will be able to endure another 20 years of operation.

Photo: E.ON Sverige

Åbyverket, owned by E.ON Värme Sverige AB, is a combined heat and power plant in Örebro, central Sweden, supplying district heating and electricity to the city of Örebro and suburbs. 

The CHP plant, currently using wood chips and oil as fuel, is equipped with four boilers delivering, respectively, 140, 291, 165 and 70 MW of heat. Electricity generation is facilitated by two units: G3 at 130 MVA, originally commissioned in 1974, and G4 at 29.5 MVA, commissioned in 2012. 

In recent years, the 46-year-old G3 unit has had fairly low availability so, as a first step, the customer decided to renovate the old hydrogen-cooled generator with auxiliaries in order to prolong the unit’s lifetime for another 20 years. 

In the public tendering Fortum eNext was able to fulfil the customers’ requirements for time and quality, and, moreover, it offered the best technical solution. 

“We were very pleased that E.ON Sweden chose us for the job. We put a lot of significance on listening and understanding our customers’ needs so that we can offer an appropriate and cost-effective solution for each individual case. We have good experiences working with them, as last year we provided them with a high level of technical support and also delivered a new stator winding,” says Key Account Manager Jonas Holmgren from Fortum eNext Turbine and Generator Services.

“Fortum has demonstrated its great level of expertise when it comes to generators. Therefore, we are confident that they will execute the overhaul with a high level of quality and efficiency. We are very pleased to be working with Fortum,” says Head of Asset Management Örebro Azra Sapcanin from E.ON Sverige.

The refurbishment will start with the disassembly of the whole generator and removal of the rotor. After that the stator, weighing as much as 110 tonnes, will be lifted through a hole in the roof with a gigantic mobile crane. The parts will then be transported 100 km east to Fortum eNext’s dedicated generator workshop in Västerås for the rewinding of the stator and rotor and the refurbishing all the other parts. 

The site works is planned to start in April and the whole project should be finalised by the end of September – just in time for the next cold season.

Our generator workshop

Fortum eNext’s workshop in Västerås, Sweden, is designed for full-scope generator maintenance services and is fully equipped to repair and rewind both rotors and stators. The workshop also operates the only independent high-speed rotor balancing facility in the Nordic countries, balancing up to 110 tonnes and at speeds up 4,300 rpm.

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