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Fortum recognized as the most efficient generating company in Russia for second year in a row

22 April 2020, 13:14 EEST

Nyagan 6362


Fortum has ranked first among the generating companies in terms of efficiency for the second year in a row in Russia. In its annual rating, Market Council, a nonprofit partnership that supervises the wholesale electricity market in Russia, assesses how consistently the generating companies perform their capacity supply obligations, as well as the capacity factor of their generating equipment.

“Through consistent and systematic improvement of operational efficiency, Fortum has not only been able to demonstrate solid financial performance but also secured the highest level of customer energy supply reliability. This capability is essential today as never before, as the normal functioning of infrastructure and social institutions depends on the utilities,” says Alexander Chuvaev, Executive Vice President of Fortum Corporation, Russia Division and General Director of PAO Fortum.

Fortum has almost doubled the generation capacity of its power plants in Russia since 2008, increasing it from 2.7 GW to 4.9 GW. Fortum portfolio includes Nyagan GRES and Chelyabinsk CHP-4, the most advanced and efficient thermal power plants in the South Urals and West Siberia areas. In 2019 Fortum power plants achieved the capacity factor of 73%, while the industry average was 45.7%.

Fortum is also actively engaged in the development of renewable energy in Russia. In January 2018, the company commissioned Ulyanovsk Wind Farm 1, the first commercial-scale wind farm in the country. Its installed capacity is 35 MW. Fortum generation portfolio in Russia includes also 35 MW of solar capacity.

In 2018 and 2019 Fortum obtained the right to build 115.6 MW of new solar generation capacity in Russia. The solar power plants are expected to be commissioned in 2021-2022. Apart from this in 2017 and 2018, the Fortum-Rusnano investment fund obtained the right to build almost 2 GW of wind generation.

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