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Undue benefits from Swedish suppliers discovered

24 August 2020, 11:30 EEST

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This summer Fortum received a tip from an external whistleblower regarding potential fraud and bribes in the Consumer Solutions division. The suspicions relate to undue benefits from several external Swedish telemarketing suppliers as well as conflict of interest. One employee has been dismissed with immediate effect and one consultancy agreement was terminated. Fortum is now preparing to hand over the case to the Swedish National Anti-Corruption Unit.

The suspected misconduct hasn’t harmed or affected Fortum’s electricity customers and the current assessment is that the financial impact of the misconduct is not significant.

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Further information:
Per-Oscar Hedman, Communications Manager, Sweden
Per-Oscar [dot] Hedman [at] fortum [dot] com (Per-Oscar[dot]Hedman[at]fortum[dot]com), +467 02 147545

Harri Spolander, Group Compliance Officer
harri [dot] spolander [at] fortum [dot] com (harri[dot]spolander[at]fortum[dot]com), +358 50 4524645