Our new guide describes the essential elements of mobilising a greenfield power plant

Mobilisation Guide describes how carefully planned and executed mobilisation creates the foundation for successfully operating a power plant long into the future.

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Every greenfield power plant project is unique in terms of budget, location, fuel type, natural environment, and legal and regulatory environment. Thus it is impossible to develop one-size-fits-all rules that are applicable to all situations. It does, however, make sense to have standardised steps and a lean process in mobilising and running a power plant.

Based on our long experience in serving both our own fleet as well as a wide range of international O&M customers in Europe, Asia and Africa, we wrote a Mobilisation Guide to help investors and project developers to take into account all necessary aspects of the mobilisation phase.

The mobilisation guide provides you:

  • Key elements of a successful O&M mobilisation
  • Overview on capabilities required from a competent O&M provider
  • Introduction to standardised steps and process for mobilising a greenfield power plant

A well-executed mobilisation phase provides the power plant with trained personnel, a well-prepared management system and supporting digital tools. This enables the secure start of commercial operations after commissioning.

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