Apros® 6.10 SR1 is out

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Apros® 6.10 SR1 i.e. has now been released. The release contains bug fixes and small improvements to the 6.10 release. The complete list of updates is available in the release notes in Apros® 6.10 SR1 documentation.

Please, contact your Apros® supplier to obtain it.

Apros® Team Server Plus Simulation Suite (ATS+) in brief

Apros® Team Server Plus Simulation Suite (ATS+) is an extension of the previously released Apros® Team Server (ATS).

ATS+ extends the model version management and collaboration features of ATS with the following simulation features:

  • Editor for defining simulation sequences
  • Version management of the simulation sequences
  • Reporting tool of simulation results
  • Comparison of simulation results
  • Cloud computing (Docker Swarm) and simulation queueing system

The main benefits of ATS+ are:

  • Enhanced teamwork in simulation with the server-based simulation platform
  • More systematic and automatized simulation workflow
  • Efficient use of computing resources

For more information, please join the upcoming webinar, or contact us.

Webinar: Apros® Team Server Plus Simulation Suite (ATS+) add-on

Welcome to our webinar about the new add-on Apros® Team Server Plus Simulation Suite (ATS+), which will be released soon. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the main features of ATS+ and its use.

The webinar will be organised on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM EET (Eastern European Time, UTC+2).

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The next Apros® training online course will be organised on 8-12 February 2021.

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