Butterfly landscape in Kumla, Sweden

Green Forester Moth

We are taking part in the Kumla municipality’s project to build a landscape for butterflies in the area close to Fortum’s waste treatment facility.

The aim of the butterfly landscape project is to increase the biodiversity in the area and to restore former grasslands to benefit plants and insects, and butterflies in particular, which thrives in meadowland with calcareous soil.

The project also aims to use the butterfly landscape and meadow to educate children and young people. The area is adjacent to the nature school that the municipality has run for many years. The nature school is a nature education hub for schools in Kumla municipality. The Butterfly project is run by Kumla municipality and Fortum Recycling and Waste is one of the project partners.

During 2020, some restoration measures were made within the project, such as creation of sandy habitats for solitary bees and restorations and re-creation of meadows.

More information about the project (in Swedish)

Photo: Per Karlsson Linderum