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Annual outage 2021 at Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant completed

04 October 2021, 11:30 EEST

Fortum's Loviisa nuclear power plant


Both units at Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant are back in production upon completion of their annual outages. The short annual outage of Unit 2 lasted 24 days and was completed on 16.9.2021. The short annual outage of Unit 1 lasted 18 days and was completed on 29.9.2021. The annual outage of Unit 2 was delayed by approximately six days from the original plan due to the replacement of additional equipment.

In addition to the normal periodic maintenance work and refuelling, tasks related to maintenance and continuous improvement were carried out on both units during the annual outage. In conjunction with the annual outages, about one quarter of the fuel in both units was replaced. A leak test was also performed on all the fuel elements of Unit 2, and the leaking fuel element discovered back in spring was removed from the reactor.

“Also in the short outage, the some parts of the plant protection systems of both units were renewed. Additionally, the automation modernisation of the emergency generators that was started in the previous annual outage was continued,” notes Loviisa power plant’s Deputy Director  Thomas Buddas.

In addition to the 530 power plant employees who participated in the annual outage, there were also about 650 external workers. Some 90 per cent of the workers were Finns.

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Thomas Buddas, Deputy Director, Loviisa power plant, tel. +358 10 455 3710

Loviisa nuclear power plant
In 2020, the load factor at Fortum’s fully-owned Loviisa nuclear power plant was 87.7%. The continuous development and modernisation of the power plant enable load factors that are among the best for pressurised water reactors on an international scale. During the past five years Fortum’s investments in the Loviisa power plant have totalled about EUR 450 million. In 2020, the power plant produced a total of 7.8 terawatt hours (net) of electricity, which is more than 10% of Finland’s electricity production. Fortum employs about 700 nuclear sector professionals, 530 of them work at the Loviisa power plant. Additionally, nearly 100 permanent employees of other companies work in the power plant area every day. More information: