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Fortum and Danish Fjernvarme Fyn launch feasibility study on CO₂ capture for recycling

19 January 2022, 16:52 EET

Fortum's Espoo campus

Fortum and Danish district heating operator Fjernvarme Fyn will do a feasibility study together to assess the possibilities of capturing and recycling CO₂.

Fjenvarme Fyn provides district heating for the city of Odense. Fortum’s plant in Nyborg treats hazardous waste from many industrial companies in the area as well as supply district heating for Nyborg. The feasibility study will aim to discover whether large scale capture of CO₂ from the Odense and Nyborg plants is feasible. Together with hydrogen the captured carbon can be recycled into products such as plastics or sustainable fuels for industry, transport or shipping.

The feasibility study is expected to be completed before the end of 2022 and will clarify whether it is realistic to proceed on a large scale. At that time, a decision can be made whether to proceed with the process. The target is to capture 480,000 tonnes of CO₂ by 2030, however the long-term potential is up to 900,000 tonnes.

In a circular economy, as much of the waste streams as possible have to be recycled, recovered or reused. On their journey towards carbon neutrality, various industry sectors can utilize captured CO₂ combined with hydrogen to form essential building blocks for a wide range of products.

Fortum drives the change towards a cleaner world. The Group’s strategic subsidiary Uniper is a hydrogen pioneer active worldwide along the entire hydrogen value chain that together with the other business in Fortum Group, leads the change towards a low-emission energy system and the optimal use of resources.