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The annual outage of unit 1 of Fortum's Loviisa nuclear power plant prolonged

06 October 2022, 10:05 EEST

Loviisa power plant

In connection with the preparation for the leak test of the primary circuit of Loviisa power plant’s unit 1, a leak was detected in the sealing water line of one of the main circulation pumps. The purpose of the tightness test is to ensure the tightness of the systems belonging to the primary circuit before starting the plant after the annual outage.

The duration of the annual outage will be extended to conduct needed cleaning and repair measures. Earlier we have communicated to the market that the outage ends on 9 October, 2022. New estimated time is 16 October 2022.

Loviisa unit 2 is in normal production.

The incident did not endanger people, the environment or the power plant.

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Thomas Buddas, Deputy director, Loviisan voimalaitos, puh. 010 455 3710