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Fortum publishes guidelines for lobbying

01 December 2022, 12:34 EET

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Fortum has published Business Ethics Guidelines for Lobbying. The purpose of the Business Ethics Guidelines for Lobbying (thereafter “Guidelines for Lobbying”) is to outline principles relating to Fortum’s lobbying practices and external stakeholder relation management covering all functions and business areas.

Transparency is an inbuilt principle in all Fortum’s operations. The guidelines apply to lobbying and external stakeholder management in all geographies where Fortum is present and complement the respective local rules and regulations. The guidelines are in line with Fortum values, and they complement the Group code of Conduct.

“We aim to be forerunners in transparent lobbying and stakeholder management. With these guidelines our commitment to open and transparent lobbying is made visible to external stakeholder groups,” says Fredrik Blomfelt, ESG Manager from Public Affairs.


Business Ethics Guidelines for Lobbying (“Guidelines for lobbying”)

  1. Fortum complies with all applicable international, national and local laws, regulations, and conventions in the countries where we do business.
  2. The goal of Fortum’s lobbying is to ensure a favourable operational environment for Fortum’s business, support the strategy development and implementation while contributing positively to Fortum’s reputation and brand.
  3. Fortum actively engages with a variety of stakeholder groups in society. We promote open, transparent and two-way dialogue with different stakeholders.
  4. We are a constructive and collaborative partner in developing local and international regulatory environments. We offer our expertise in the preparation of political and legislative decision making. Our lobbying messages are always based on facts.
  5. Our positions are based on Fortum’s longer term strategic targets and business interests while taking into account also broader societal objectives and implications. We communicate about our lobbying objectives proactively and transparently.
  6. Fortum represents itself in stakeholder relations. While we occasionally utilize external advisors in our advocacy work, third parties do not represent Fortum.
  7. Fortum cooperates with and participates in different organizations, coalitions and networks. Also in these situations, we always act in accordance with competition laws, Fortum’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Guidelines for Lobbying.
  8. When representing Fortum in any situation, we represent the views and interests of the company and not our personal opinions or interests. We ensure that Fortum’s interests are always a priority.
  9. With regards to hospitality, we always act in accordance with Fortum’s Code of Conduct, and local laws and regulations. We do not accept or offer gifts that go beyond what is considered reasonable in the ordinary conduct of business or that may influence the decisions of any party. We do not provide financial support for party-political purposes.
  10. Fortum promotes transparency in lobbying and stakeholder management. We support regulation that advances transparency and ensure that our practices are aligned with the latest requirements. Fortum signs up to transparency registers in all markets where it operates if such register is available.

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Guidelines for Lobbying