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The second Nordic Nuclear Trainee Program started

21 December 2022, 14:00 EET

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Nordic Nuclear Trainee Program (NNTP) has been continued with the launch of a new batch of ‘nuclear heroes’. The purpose of the NNTP, implemented jointly by Fortum, TVO, Vattenfall and Uniper, is to provide nuclear power talents who are in the early stages of their careers with experiences, knowledge and networking opportunities by getting to know the different nuclear power plants and jobs in the nuclear sector. Five young nuclear sector heroes from Fortum started in the program this past autumn.

Over the course of 18 months, 16 young nuclear sector heroes selected for the second-ever NNTP will have the opportunity to extensively tour various nuclear power plants, learning from best practices and professionals in the field, creating networks and developing their own expertise. The program also aims to show young people considering the career opportunities that the nuclear sector is a viable option for the future.

“The first NNTP was a success, even though Covid prevented it from being carried out in the way originally planned. Based on the very positive feedback, it was clear that there was a desire for a continuation of the program. We are confident that this time we’ll be able to carry out the program without any major concerns,” says Fortum’s Senior Training Specialist Joel Ronimus responsible for the program.

The program runs until December 2023 and includes various modules, virtual meetings, exercises and two four-week-long job rotations in a Finnish or Swedish nuclear power plant.

“We have included a lot of hands-on learning in the program because we believe that working with other nuclear power professionals is the best way for participants to deepen their knowledge and build networks,” Ronimus says.

Nordic Nuclear Trainees visiting Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant.


Fortum Corporation 


Further information:

Antti-Jussi Vesa, Communications Manager, Fortum, +358 50 593 5142

More information about the NNTP and its progress is available on the program’s website.