Fortum ranks top of the class in The Nordic Business Diversity Index

Fortum ranked best among large companies in the Helsinki Nasdaq category in the Nordic Business Diversity Index.

People in the office

The Nordic Business Diversity Index is a study looking at the diversity of senior leadership in Nordic countries. The study focused on the companies on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange and the largest companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Diversity in the composition of the boards and management teams was examined using four different variables: gender, age, nationality and education. The study is conducted by Impaktly.

This is the fourth Nordic Business Diversity Survey of its kind. The previous one was published in 2021. The Index helps raise discussion, encourages to ask questions and pushes us to find ways in which companies can tackle the issue of homogeneous leadership.

“I’m delighted and proud to see Fortum scoring high in this index. However, we realize that the index takes only some aspects of diversity into account, but the work in all areas of diversity, equity and inclusion is important for us. By investing in a diverse work community, we can ensure diversity in our views, ideas, and innovations,” says Eveliina Dahl, Senior Vice President, People.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are rooted in our values. We believe not only equal treatment but also acknowledging and valuing differences. We believe diversity and inclusion inspire all of us to innovate and grow together. Therefore, we are committed to building diverse teams where everyone feels included, treated equally and empowered.