Fortum's comments on tax certainty aspects of Global minimum tax

Fortum responded to the OECD public consultation on 3 February 2023.

At Fortum, we manage taxes in a responsible manner and understanding the impact of tax policies and regulations is important to us. Tax certainty is an essential for a predictable, simple and clear tax system, thus we contributed to public consultation document issued by OECD in terms of GloBE Rules tax certainty. With our contribution we wish to:

  • explain the relevance of the early engagement of authorities in the implementation process of new regulations
  • emphasize the importance of governance rules for tax authorities
  • indicate the impact of binging instruments as key component of dispute prevention and resolutions mechanism.

All these aim at eliminating the risk of higher investment costs and lower predictability of the tax consequences of carbon neutral long-term investments.

More information:
Reijo Salo VP, Head of Tax, reijo [dot] k [dot] salo [at] fortum [dot] com
Anna Wrzesińska, Senior Tax Manager, anna [dot] wrzesinska [at] fortum [dot] com