Fortum is opening a showroom presenting nuclear power, in downtown Loviisa

Loviisa showroom

Fortum and Loviisa nuclear power plant showroom will open on Friday, 7.7.2023, in downtown Loviisa at Kuningattarenkatu 9. The showroom will focus particularly on the history, the present and the future of nuclear power and the Loviisa power plant.

Energy is a relevant topic that is widely discussed today, and the interest in nuclear power has also increased. Fortum’s showroom is a low threshold place where energy production and nuclear power are presented to everyone in a very approachable way.

“The showroom offers a wide range of people the opportunity to learn more about the Loviisa nuclear power plant. For the most part, visits to the power plant will be concentrated to the new showroom, where we can welcome groups ranging from students to experts interested in nuclear power and in the Loviisa power plant,” says Fortum’s Communications Manager Mia Willberg.

Open to the public during the Housing Fair

Fortum’s showroom can be part of a visit to the Housing Fair or to downtown Loviisa. The showroom will be open to the public on weekdays during the Housing Fair. Once the fair starts, the showroom will be open from 12-16. For up-to-date opening hours, please check the website:

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