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Fortum’s Pjelax wind farm has produced the first kilowatt hour of electricity

12 October 2023, 9:11 EEST


The testing of power generation in Pjelax, Finland's third largest wind farm, has started. The first kilowatt hour of energy was produced on 9th of October. The wind farm has a total of 56 wind turbines with a height of 240 metres. The installation of the turbines was completed in early October. The next step will be the trial operation of the wind farm's electricity generation in phases. Construction of the Pjelax wind farm started in January 2022 in Närpes and Kristinestad, Finland.

"We are very happy about this important milestone. The Pjelax wind farm has produced energy for the first time and more is on the way. A big thank you to Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid and turbine supplier Nordex for the good cooperation, which has allowed us to start testing the power generation in the wind farm", says Markus Rönnqvist, General Project Manager for the construction of the Pjelax project at Fortum.

"The project is progressing really well and the installation of the wind turbines is finalised ahead of time schedule. The wind farm will be commissioned in phases so that commercial operation will start according to the target schedule during the spring of 2024," says Rönnqvist.

Fortum's target is to grow in wind and solar power in the Nordic countries. Demand for clean electricity will grow as the electrification of industry proceeds and the hydrogen economy develops. When completed, the Pjelax wind farm will be the third largest in Finland, providing not only renewable energy but also positive regional economic benefits to the Närpes and Kristinestad region. Local companies have been involved in the construction phase of the wind farm.

Fortum is building the Pjelax wind farm together with Helen Ltd in Närpes and Kristinestad in Ostrobothnia, Finland. According to the target schedule, the Pjelax wind farm will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2024. When completed, it will produce around 1.1 TWh of renewable energy annually from 56 wind turbines.

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