New partnership to help reduce greenhouse gases in the power sector

24 January 2024, 9:00 EET Reading time: 1 minutes

Fortum Turbine and Generator Services and Crosstown H2R have initiated a collaboration that will help gas turbine operators reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the partnership, Fortum Turbine and Generator Services (TGS) can offer conversion options for all current gas turbine operators within TGS's customer portfolio. The customers can operate with Crosstown's revolutionary Hydrogen Renewal (H2R®) burner to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030. 

"Crosstown H2R is honoured to collaborate with Fortum TGS, the leading independent service provider in the Nordics, and we are poised to introduce the H2R® burner to their customer base,” said Dr. Prith Harasgama, Co-CEO & Founder of Crosstown H2R. "Now is the right time for us to bring our H2R® technology to bear on a practical level to meet the GHG goals of the future.” 

By integrating Crosstown’s advanced technology H2R® burner into existing gas turbines, Fortum TGS clients will also benefit from a complete energy transition from Natural Gas to  Hydrogen as the burner supports the use of Hydrogen. The ability of the H2R® to operate with any blend of natural gas and Hydrogen makes it an outstanding product for the energy transition process and a destination product for future gas turbine installations. 

"We have closely followed Crosstown's progress over the last two years and know they have the only ultra-low NOx and zero-carbon capable burner. Therefore, we are excited to work with Crosstown and offer the best solutions to our customers. With our landmark agreement with Crosstown H2R, Fortum TGS intends to offer conversion options for all gas turbine asset operators in our market and customer portfolio," said Vesa Kylmälä, Managing Director of Fortum TGS.