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Fortum Pitchalong Shuttle is an emission-free taxi service where sustainable and innovative startups get to pitch their ideas directly to Fortum’s executives. The most successful startups have a chance to get a real boost to their business.


The Pitchalong Shuttle service operated during the world’s leading startup event Slush, 4th-5th December 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.

Vision and strategy

Startups had a chance to kick-start a beneficial partnership by pitching on an EV ride during the Finnish startup event Slush. The service was provided by Fortum, that offers a wide range of clean energy solutions for businesses and consumers.

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The developer of Pitchalong Shuttle, clean energy company Fortum, wants to engage its customers and the society to join the change for a cleaner world. With Pitchalong Shuttle Fortum sought to catch the most promising innovative and sustainable startups before others.

One of Fortum’s previous finds from Slush is Plugsurfing - Europe’s largest network for EV charging. Plugsurfing provides access to Fortum’s Charge & Drive EV charging network among other EV charging points.


Each Pitchalong Shuttle car is optimized to provide a time-efficient and comfortable environment for pitching. A moving EV is a private, silent and environmentally friendly meeting space, which makes it a perfect choice for business encounters. Fortum Pitchalong Shuttle is run on Jaguar I-PACE electric cars.


In addition to the completely emission-free Pitchalong Shuttle rides, Fortum collaborated with the Norwegian startup Choose to offset the carbon footprint of the entire Slush event. The compensated 10 000 tonnes of CO2 covers not only the event itself but also the flights, meals and hotel stays of the Slush attendees.