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Award nominated restaurant chose electricity from Fortum: "A good and secure relationship is important to us"

20 May 2021, 09:55

The restuaurant Folkparken

The restaurant manager Magnus Bergh and his staff were looking for a safe and stable electricity company for their restaurant Folkparken. As an electricity-intensive business, it was important to choose the right electricity supplier, and at Fortum they found both an electricity agreement and an electricity partner that met the expectations of high service, an open and honest dialogue and safe and smart electricity agreements.

The restaurant Folkparken opened in Stockholm, Sweden, in September 2019 with the goal of creating a family and social gathering place with good and generous food. They have been inspired by other restaurants around the world, such as War Pigs in Copenhagen, Home Town in Brooklyn and Holy Smoke in Höganäs. In 2020, just a few months after they had opened, they were nominated for Gulddraken, DN's restaurant award. The food concept is based on smoke and fire where they work broadly with a high taste profile. To get the perfect smoke taste, they have bought a large smoke cabinet from the USA.

- One of the big challenges we had purely electrically was to convert the smoke cabinet from American standard to Swedish. It is both wood-fired and thermostatically controlled, says Magnus Bergh at Folkparken.

The restaurant strives to create an environment for social and casual dining. They have therefore invested heavily in lighting and lighting control to achieve the right feeling and are therefore, like many other restaurants, an electricity-intensive business.

- For us, it is important to have a close dialogue and a good relationship with our electricity supplier and we have that with Fortum. We switched from a smaller electricity supplier to Fortum because they feel more secure and stable, Magnus Bergh continues.

Magnus also says that the transition from the former electricity company to Fortum went very smoothly and felt safe when they got a personal contact with one of Fortum's sales people who is always on hand when needed.

- We really value the relationship and the personal relationship when it comes to all our suppliers and partners, says Bergh.

During spring of 2020, when Covid-19 had entered Sweden, Fortum started an initiative where we delivered lunches to hospitals in the Stockholm area. Folkparken was one of the restaurants that Fortum collaborated with.

- When we were asked by Fortum if we could deliver food, we were extremely happy for several reasons. Partly that we had the opportunity to contribute to the current situation and be able to reward all heroes working with healthcare, but also because we could keep our skilled staff busy. Of course, a big compliment to a large company like Fortum who turns to and takes help from one of its many customers. Great respect, concludes Magnus Bergh.

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