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Danone Lunnarp chooses 100% hydropower produced electricity to contribute to sustainability goals

30 April 2021, 13:50

When Danone's production facility, Österlenmejeriet in Sweden, was to choose a new electricity partner, it was important to find a supplier who could supply renewable energy and help them reach their emission targets. When a procurement had been made, Fortum emerged victorious and now supplies 100% hydropower to them.

Danone Lunnarp chooses 100% hydropower produced electricity to contribute to sustainability goals

Österlenmejeriet in Tomelilla, in Sweden, is the first production facility for Danone in the Nordic region. Most dairy products such as milk, butter and yoghurt have previously been produced here, but today only plant-based products such as the juice Proviva and some of Alpro's products are produced here.

Danone has continuously made changes in the factory in recent years to reduce the impact on the environment, in pursuit to be carbon-neutral by 2025. Fortum's recommendation was therefore that they only buy electricity from renewable sources. Österlenmejeriet's electricity agreement includes electricity from 100% hydropower.

- Danone strives to inspire healthier and more sustainable food and beverage consumption and production, in line with our vision '' One Planet. One Health '', which reflects our belief that human health and the health of the planet are closely linked. That Fortum can deliver renewable electricity to us is a very important part of it, says Mikael Hemgard, buyer at Österlenmejeriet.

Österlenmejeriet also has a strong focus on reducing their electricity consumption to meet the Group's sustainability goals. To keep track of it, they follow their statistics in Fortum Online, a digital tool where you can compare electricity use between different periods and facilities, view invoices and make budgets.

- We look at our consumption and follow up very often. It’s very good that we can do it ourselves online, says Mikael Hemgard.

Österlenmejeriet has been a customer of Fortum since 2018. The agreement includes not only electricity but also meetings with a focus on what the electricity market looks like and what opportunities it brings.

- We constantly work for our customers to reach their goals. Therefore, we help to recommend the best electricity agreement, give tips on how they can reduce their consumption and guide them in the electricity market, which can be quite complex. It is important for us to have a close dialogue with our customers, says Rikard Dagerbäck, Business Manager at Fortum.

- Fortum's commitment to the future goes hand in hand with us, which is why we chose to have them as an electricity partner, Mikael Hemgard concludes.

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