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Fortum Charge & Drive exponentially expands its charge point operator network – over half a million charging connectors available through single app

15 June 2023, 11:20 EEST

The number of Fortum Charge & Drive’s charging connectors is growing significantly in the Nordic home market, and now the service offers one of the largest charging networks across Europe for its Nordic customers travelling abroad.

A map of Charge & Drive EV charging network

The charging service now has over half a million charging connectors available in Europe, including over 15 000 fast charging connectors and over 37 000 charging connectors in the Nordics. Through Fortum Charge & Drive, EV drivers have access to seven times more charging connectors in Sweden, four times more charging connectors in Finland and twice as many fast chargers in Norway than before.

“Our Nordic customers can now get access to one of the largest networks of charging connectors not only in the Nordics but also in Europe through a single app. This expansion is answering our customers’ need to have one simple solution for charging on the road. With our app, you can travel with less planning and concentrate more on what places you want to explore – whether you’re planning to explore new places in Finland, Sweden or Norway or drive to the Mediterranean during the summer holidays. With Fortum Charge & Drive, you can travel freely without range anxiety – and without the hassle of multiple apps”, tells the Head of Fortum Charge & Drive, Ove Morch.

All available charging connectors can be found in the Fortum Charge & Drive app, which is available for download in the App Store and Google Play in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Fortum Charge & Drive is one of the leading EV charging services in the Nordic. The service has been enabling EV drivers with smart solutions and effortless charging on the road since 2008. It offers a hassle-free and flexible solution for electric vehicle drivers on the road using public charging stations.