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Services for Nuclear Newbuild and Operating Plants

As a licensee and operator of nuclear power plants and waste management facilities, we know how challenging nuclear newbuild projects can be. Our newbuild customers have utilized our expertise and proprietary technologies to reduce risk of project delays, increase NPP safety and optimize investment and Operation and Maintenance costs.

Our engineering capability areas for nuclear newbuild projects:

  • Safety engineering and analysis
  • Architect & civil engineering
  • Process and mechanical engineering
  • Materials, structures, quality
  • Instrumentation and control, electric systems
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Control rooms and simulators
  • Nuclear waste management

Our upgrades and refurbishments capability areas:

  • Equipment Reliability (ER) management
  • I&C modernization
  • Lifetime extensions
  • Power uprates
  • Safety engineering and safety analysis
  • Licensing
Loviisa nuclear power plant screen
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Kymäläinen Olli

Olli Kymäläinen

Senior Manager
Newbuild and Operating Services
Tel: +358 50 453 5388
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