In-depth experience as a NPP license holder

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Services for Nuclear Newbuild and Operating Plants

As a licensee and operator of nuclear power plants and waste management facilities, we know how challenging nuclear newbuild projects can be. Our newbuild customers have utilized our expertise and proprietary technologies to reduce risk of project delays, increase NPP safety and optimize investment and Operation and Maintenance costs.

Support for Nuclear Newbuild projects

Decades of nuclear experience for supporting nuclear newbuild projects and newcomer countries throughout all phases of the project. Fortum offers technical support and consulting services which allow our Customers to have the know-how of an experienced Owner-Operator.

Support for nuclear I&C projects

Smoothly implemented nuclear I&C modernizations and I&C design in newbuild projects.

Control Room Design Services

Fortum’s control room design and consulting services cover projects ranging from small improvements to complete control room implementations, including services from pre-engineering to commissioning and licensing. 

Virtual Panels for Simulator Control Rooms

Give your plant personnel a fast, flexible and easy-to-use simulator interface at low costs - Fortum Virtual Panels for nuclear power plants.

Licensing and Safety Design

Fortum ADLAS® is a proven and efficient Systems Engineering approach to formulate Nuclear Plant requirements and a systematic configuration management method.

Consulting, Design and Project Services

Providing world class expertise in several technical disciplines for the full lifecycle of NPPs.

SMR Consultation Services

Our expertise can ease your first steps into a SMR newbuild or help you better understand the markets and technology.

ReMaint® Nuclear

ReMaint® Nuclear is a modular maintenance optimization toolkit for improving the performance of NPP

Immersive Training Solutions

Take your training experience to the next level with our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator solutions.

Safety Analysis

Safety analysis services for power upgrades, modernizations, safety improvements and new plant projects

Waste Solidification, Storage and Repositories

  • Full design services to ensure the safe and economical disposal of low- and intermediate-level waste.
  • Cost efficient and easily adaptable and customizable interim storage designs
  • Liquid waste solidification plant

Our engineering capability areas for nuclear newbuild projects:

  • Safety engineering and analysis
  • Architect & civil engineering
  • Process and mechanical engineering
  • Materials, structures, quality
  • Instrumentation and control, electric systems
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Control rooms and simulators
  • Nuclear waste management

Our upgrades and refurbishments capability areas:

  • Equipment Reliability (ER) management
  • I&C modernization
  • Lifetime extensions
  • Power uprates
  • Safety engineering and safety analysis
  • Licensing

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