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Building a Virtual Battery With Our Customers

Together with thousands of customers, we commercially operate the largest Virtual Battery in the Nordics - No matter the size, we make our customers' assets automatically work for the environment in a profitable way!

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The Virtual Battery already includes thousands of our private clients' water heaters.

We are also including home batteries and building the next generation of grid-aware charging for electric vehicles, which we believe to become a key component of the future energy system.

Read more about our residential customer product Fortum Fiksu Energianseuranta on the Finnish product site HERE.

Data Centers

Data centers have already joined the Virtual Battery with their UPS-systems.

We believe that the whole energy system will work together in the future. Contact us and start building a cleaner world already today!

Read more about Spring operating Ericsson data center in Finland HERE.

Distribution System Operators

Through our offering, distribution system operators can utilize batteries as a component in the balancing of a smart electricity network and for the reduction of power outages. 

Read more about the globally unique model, where the market and regulatory requirements are met, in a case with the DSO Elenia.

The press release is found HERE.




The Virtual Battery is part of building a smarter and more flexible energy system, enabling a higher amount of renewable energy production.



The Virtual Battery aggregates and controls distributed energy assets owned by our customers, for grid balancing purposes, without disturbing the customers' daily life.



The Virtual Battery enables smart demand response through real time measurements and advanced self-learning algorithms.





Contact us:

General: Janne Happonen, CEO Spring by Fortum
Business Customers: Ilari Alaperä, Business Development Manager

[email protected]

+358 10 4511

Spring articles in Finnish

Elenia lehdistötiedote 29.5.2018

Fortum ja Elenia lehdistötiedote yhteisestä projektista, jossa kokeillaan sähkön varastointia sähköjärjestelmän tasapainon ylläpidossa ja sähkökatkojen vähentämisessä.

Lue koko Elenian lehdistötiedote täältä

Tekniikka & Talous 20.10.2017

Tekniikka ja Talous kertoo, miten konesalit voivat osallistua tuuli- ja aurinkosähkön aiheuttamiin haasteisiin nykyisille sähköjärjestelmille.

Lue koko Tekniikka & Talouden artikkeli "Konesaleista apua kulutusjoustoon - vara-akut ja upsit säätämään taajuutta" täältä

Helsingin Sanomat 9.1.2017

Helsingin Sanomat haastattelivat pilottiasiakas Tapio Halmelaa, jonka omakotitalon lämminvesivaraaja osallistuu öisin virtuaalivoimalaitoksen kysyntäjoustoon. 

Lue koko Helsingin Sanomien artikkeli "Lämminvesivaraajat osallistuvat säätöön ihan tasavertaisesti voimaloiden rinnalla" täältä

YLE 9.3.2016

Yle uutisoi Fortumin tiettävästi maailman ensimmäisestä pilotista, jossa yksityisasiakkaat saivat osallistua sähkön säätömarkkinoille.

Lue koko Ylen artikkeli "Fortum valjasti eturintamassa 70 kotia sähkönkulutuksen hienosäätöön – maailmalla valtavat markkinat" täältä

Spring articles in English

Successful FCR-D pilot with Svenska Kraftnät in Sweden 11.7.2018

Fortum and Svenska Kraftnät successfully tested the suitability of electricity redundancy system for rapid adjustment of the electricity system

Read the full press release here

Fortum Spring expands demand response offering to DSO's 6.6.2018

Press release: "Fortum offers Elenia an electricity battery pack service"

Read the full press release here

Spring reaches a one-megawatt virtual battery size

Press release published 22. january 2018: "A thousand Fortum customers' homes form a one-megawatt virtual battery"

The press release can be found here.

Ericsson’s data centre and Fortum to collaborate

Press release published 18. january 2018: "Ericsson’s data center and Fortum to collaborate on demand response"

The press release can be found here.

DatacenterDynamics 3.10.2017

DatacenterDynamics tells how grid capacity issues can be solved while creating new revenue streams in their article: 

"Eaton, Fortum plan to use UPS systems to support power grids" found here


Spring selected for FCR-D pilot in Sweden

Press release published 18. december 2017: "Swedish electricity transmission system operator Svenska kraftnät selected Spring by Fortum for its pilot project"

The press release can be found here.

Spring articles in Swedish and Norwegian

Ny Teknik 31.1.2017

Andelen sol-, vind- och vågkraft ökar i elsystemet. För att tillförsel och förbrukning ska balansera varandra i varje ögonblick behöver vi i framtiden kunna styra förbrukningen eftersom vi till exempel inte kan bestämma hur mycket det blåser.

Läs mera i Ny Teknik "Frivillig styrning ska göra elsystemet flexibelt" här