How to join Spring?

Joining our service is easy. Our five step process to enable demand response with your asset ensures a smooth onboarding without any unnecessary work. The process starts with a rough feasibility study and continues to more technical details, including contracting, only if we see the mutual benefit.

Suitable assets for Spring

We are interested in all kinds of assets that have flexibility. Batteries that can be used also as a source of flexible capacity as a secondary purpose (like data center UPSes) are naturally a perfect asset for the Spring's service.

Other good candidates are assets that have flexibility in their processes. These could be for example heating or cooling applications that need to operate within certain temperature limits and pumps and fans that have bigger tolerances in their operation.


Five steps to determine your company’s potential to join Fortum Spring

What happens in practice

In order to enable demand response with your asset, we need to connect to it in a secure way. Usually, this means that we need to install a device that can control the asset. If it is possible, we prefer using APIs or other digital means to create the connection. We definitely take cyber security seriously, and we use secure ways to control the asset, agreed upon together with the customer. For safety's sake, we always allow the customer to temporarily opt out of the demand response activity if needed.

We do the major part of the required work, and we take care of the possible hardware needed for the integration.

Contact us

Juha Sainio

Sales Manager, Finland
Tel: +358 40 777 9311
juha [dot] sainio [at] fortum [dot] com

Antti Mäkinen

Business Development Manager, Finland
Tel: +358 46 5000 4660
antti [dot] makinen [at] fortum [dot] com

Mui Nguyen

Business Development Manager, Sweden
Tel: +46 72 210 8361
mui [dot] nguyen [at] fortum [dot] com

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