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CDMC EV Charging Platform

03 June 2019, 11:15 EEST

Our SaaS platform operates EV charging networks at home and abroad!

People looking at our EV charging network dashboards

There is more than meets the eye in an EV charging network! The platform we use to operate our EV charging network is called CDMC (Charge Drive Management Cloud) and it is also used by other operators throughout Europe (and in India). With a market growing as rapidly as e-mobility, there are continual developments in cars, in chargers, and in the network that operates them. While standards such as OCPP are established, the demands of the industry continue to grow, while the needs of the end-user are always kept at the forefront.

The platform used to operate any EV charging network needs to ensure that the business owners get the information they need when they need it. That information can be alarms or alerts related to a specific charger, or the information needed to run customer support in order to help out drivers at a charging station. Each charger has its own software and firmware, as does each vehicle; the more charger models and car models, the more layers of complexity in the network.

The platforms' role is to communicate between the vehicles, the chargers, and the EV network operators, and the end-users. The platform must be extremely reliable, scalable, and secure because the platform performs at the heart of any EV charging network – whether in helping companies with their business goals, or getting drivers where they need to go. It's quite a job for a platform, and there is no other platform up to the task of operating charging networks like CDMC!