Chargers Bloom in Spring

29 May 2019, 12:03

Man charging an EV at high power charger

Eight new charging stations and one HPC expansion will be opening soon in Norway!

In the Nordics, chargers bloom in spring! Opening a new public charging station is a combination of many different components. Selecting the location for the new charger and deciding which type of charger should be installed are just two parts of the charging station installation jigsaw. Often cabling or new grid connections are needed, as well as permission from the landowners (sometimes state-owned, sometimes private), delivery of the hardware, and scheduling of qualified professionals so planning for these stations starts months before visible groundwork begins, to name just a few. 

On top of the planning, groundwork and installation can often only take place when the outside temperature is above freezing (e.g. stickers may not stick to the chargers if they are put on in temperatures under +10C). This means that a lot of planning for charging stations takes place during the winter months, and chargers bloom in spring! 

We are happy to be opening eight new charging stations and expanding one High Power Charging (HPC) station in Norway this spring! This will help travelling to cabins and summer road trips during the holiday season. If you are in Norway, keep an eye out for charging stations opening in:

  • Shell Aksdal
  • Shell Lone
  • Esso Rønvik
  • Notodden
  • YX Hakadal
  • YX Jaren (expansion – HPC site)
  • YX Byremo
  • 7-Eleven Høvik
  • Hitra

Map of charging stations opening soon in Norway