Fortum Charge & Drive & Climate Leadership Coalition

28 November 2019, 14:29

Fortum Charge & Drive's Sami Saarilahti will be speaking at the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) member meeting in November. CLC is a network of companies, research organisations and cities who strive to be among the leaders of their respective fields in terms of climate ambition.

Evolution of horse to combustion engine to electric vehicle

The Climate Leadership Coalition organises member events around major theme groups, one of which is transportation and energy.  The theme group meetings take place 4-6 times per year and include presentations from industry specialists and lively conversations. This November, Sami Saarilahti, Public Charging Business Manager for Finland, will be speaking at the CLC meeting to discuss eMobility at Fortum and the rapid evolution in the electrification of transport.

About the Climate Leadership Coalition

The Climate Leadership Coalition is a network of businesses, universities, research organisations and local authorities founded in 2014. Its purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of businesses and research organisations, to improve their ability to respond to the threats posed by climate change and natural resource scarcity and to support them in pursuing the business opportunities arising from these. The CLC currently has more than 50 members representing approximately half of the total market value of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Sami Saarilahti

Fortum Charge & Drive in Finland

Sami Saarilahti is the Public Charging Business Manager for Finland at Fortum Charge & Drive. He works with his team and partners to maintain, improve, and expand EV charging services wherever they are needed.