June's Activities with Tesla Club Finland

22 May 2019, 11:16

Teslas in a circle

The Tesla Club Finland is organising an EV trip around Finland's legendary Archipelago Trail, as well as teaming up with the Fin­nish Fede­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red for a special EV experience for the visually impaired! We are joining them and so should you! (Picture from the Tesla Club Finland)

EVs on the Archipelago Trail

On June 8th, Tesla Club Finland is arranging an EV trip around Finland's beautiful Archipelago Trail (or Archipelago Ring Road). The adventure will start from the Electrical Museum in Paimio, where Fortum Charge & Drive is happy to offer coffee and ice cream for all those interested in learning more about the electrical museum (Fortum has been a long time supporter of the museum), or in learning more about EVs and Teslas from the incredibly friendly members of the Tesla Club in Finland. The event is open to all, regardless of whether or not you have an EV, and we look forward to cruising around the beautiful trail in early summer. More about the event from here (Finnish only).

Hyundai Kona electric with Fortum Charge & Drive

Hyundai Kona for the Weekend

Hyundai wanted to enable people who wanted to experience the Archipelago Ring Road in an EV, so they offered a chance for two lucky winners to get a Hyundai Kona for the weekend, and their EV will be paid for by Fortum Charge & Drive! The winners have already been selected from the competition site submissions. 

EV Experience with the Fin­nish Fe­de­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red

One of the most unique and fun events of the summer will be the event organised with the Tesla Club of Finland and the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired! The club (along with Fortum Charge & Drive and any other EV enthusiasts!) will gather on Sunday, 16th of June, at 12:00 to give the opportunity for visually impaired people to get a ride in an EV and have good, open conversations about electromobility.

The event will start from outside Iiris in Helsinki, and the EV drive will go from there to the Espoo Car Museum where there will be a hot grill and cold drinks!

Learn more about the event and join in the fun!