Summer Road Trips

28 June 2019, 11:37

For those planning a road trip in summer, here's how to use our network!

People in an EV in a field

It's summer in Europe and many people are planning road trips in their EVs! Customers who travel in the Nordics can travel in our network between Finland, Sweden, and Norway without needing to download local apps or order separate RFID -tags for each network. Just download the app from Appstore or Google Play and you can see the network of chargers available to you during your trip! If you register and add a credit card to the app, there is no need to order a separate RFID tag (you can use the app to start & stop charging).

If you would like to order an RFID anyway (they're pretty stylish, after all), then that also possible via the app. Just go to profile -> charging keys, and select "Order new charging key." Fill in your details and we will pop an RFID in the mail to you!

Read more instructions about travelling and charging

map of EV chargers

Map of chargers on our platform

We have a map of chargers that are operated on our platform, which can be found at It can be useful for route planning but please keep in mind that only the chargers visible in the app you download can be used to start & stop charging. You may need to get in touch with the local operators in different countries to be able to use their chargers, even if they are operated on our platform.