Workplace Diversity Increases Competitiveness

14 June 2019, 13:42 EEST

Talking about workplace diversity isn't the new kid on the block. In fact it has been trending for a few years now. But why are we still talking about it?

Martin Lindström, head of Fortum's hydropower plants

"Putting together a diverse group of people creates naturally a larger portfolio of ideas, innovations and solutions to problems. We waste an awful lot of talent and competence if we don't create more diverse teams – not to mention you weaken your competitiveness", explains Martin Lindström, head of Fortum's hydropower plants.

Urgent Need for Female Role Models in Tech Jobs

Engineering and other technology jobs have traditionally been seen as jobs for men. However, in recent years, the percentage of female students in technological study fields has grown markedly and now surpasses males in some schools. The good news thus is that many more qualified female candidates are now available for hire. Companies still have make sure that those female recruits have mentors and role models on all organisational levels to lead the way.

Although the diversity debate often centres on the women-to-men ratio, diversity also means that a company’s workforce includes people of e.g. varying age, race, ethnicity, cultural background, languages and education.

Clear Goals, Greater Success

Diversity does not come easily. Every HR expert in the world will tell you that it should be openly discussed, employees should be educated on the topic, it should be packaged into measurable targets and it should be part of the overall strategy.

What is Qraftsamling?

One concrete way Fortum is tackling diversity issues is being part of Swedenergy's, a non-profit industry and special interest organisation for Swedish energy sector companies, Qraftsamling.

"Qraftsamling is a joint effort for the whole energy sector to increase diversity in its member companies and to increase their competitiveness. It offers a chance to benchmark ideas and actions, Karin Tholén, Senior Business People Partner, Generation explains. As a company, we are joining this effort since we see equality and diversity as key components when it comes to our business competitiveness and employer branding".

The Qraftsamling initiative is built on commitment, information sharing and cross-company dialogues.


  1. You gain more perspectives to any issue.
  2. You gain more ideas, innovations and thus more creativity in the team.
  3. More ideas and thoughts are refined into the best ones which leads to a clear competitive edge.
  4. When people feel included, they're more likely to feel more engaged.
  5. Reduced employee turnover: Engaged employees are less likely to seek other employment.
  6. Good employer reputation spreads like wildfire: Engaged employees are a company's best job adverts.