Annual General Meeting 2022

A shareholder may request an item belonging to the Annual General Meeting to be included on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. In order for the request to be considered, it must be submitted in written form to the Board of Directors of the company no later than 7 February 2022 to the address:

agm [at] fortum [dot] com


Fortum Corporation
Legal Department/AGM
P.O. Box 100
00048 FORTUM.

Due to the current remote work recommendations, it is recommended that proposals be submitted primarily by e-mail.

The shareholder's right to be heard by the General Meeting and its conditions are laid down in the Companies Act and the Act on a temporary derogation from the Companies Act, the Cooperatives Act, the Associations Act and certain other community acts (375/2021).

Reports and presentations

Materials of Fortum's General Meetings