Energy review

The Fortum Energy Review series highlights the key trends in our sector and introduces each time a topical theme.

Nordic city landscape in the evening with lights and electric infrastructure

Decarbonising of the Nordics

The Nordic countries have set very ambitious climate targets, but they will not be reached with the current measures. A lot of decisions will be made this decade about how to decarbonise different sectors. What would be the most cost-efficient way to decarbonise? What kind of policy road map would support the development?

Online review in English, September 2020

Recording of the launch webinar on 17 September 2020

Eletricity grid and nature

From national to Nordic regional grid planning

Energy Review on the differences and harmonisation opportunities of the Nordic TSOs. The review consists of a report written by Pöyry and Fortum’s assessment based on the findings of the report.

Review in English, November 2019

Online news 6 November 2019

Plastic refinery

Plastics recycling in a circular economy

Fortum's review on plastics in circular economy, September 2019

Review in English

Energy Review on Circular Economy

Let's not waste our waste

Energy review on circular economy, November 2017

Review in English
Online news 24 Nov 2017
Video: We believe in safe and sustainable circular economy

Energy Review on e-mobility

Driving to a cleaner future

Challenges and opportunities in developing electromobility in Europe, October 2017

Review in English
Online news 29 November 2017

Energy Review on Retail market

Electricity retail market

For active energy consumers, May 2017

Review in English
Online news 14 June 2017

Energy reviews in 2013-2016

Earlier reviews focus on Nordic power market, biomass, hydropower, Nordic electricity market and European climate policies.

Building an efficient, Nordic power market, December 2016

More sustainable, less subsidised biomass, April 2016

Hydropower - an indispensable part of the tomorrow's energy system, September 2015

Focus on Nordic electricity market, March 2015

Focus on climate and energy policies in Europe, August 2014