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Fortum’s Circular Economy Village selected as the Climate Deed of 2017

18 May 2017, 16:15 EEST


The Sustainable Development Forum of Finnish Energy selected Fortum’s Circular Economy Village as the Climate Deed of the Year. 

The Circular Economy Village in Riihimäki turns waste into usable goods through the Eco Refinery, Plastic Refinery and Gasum’s Bio Refinery. At the village, the recycling rate of municipal waste is 50 per cent and the utilisation rate 98 per cent. The Circular Economy Village gives people more choices for recycling plastic, which is something no other operator has offered in Finland before this. 

Hannele Pokka, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment, says that the Circular Economy Village in Riihimäki is one of the first major projects related to the circular economy in Finland. 

“The circular economy, which is based on a cost-efficient use of resources, is a topical theme in Europe and globally. The Circular Economy Village in Riihimäki is a pioneering example of Finnish expertise in the area. I believe it will motivate other operators in both the public and private sector to create more innovations related to the circular economy,” Pokka says.

Climate Deed of the Year 
• The Climate Deed of the Year award is an annual recognition to an enterprise or a community for development projects or other operations that mitigate climate change.
• The forum that selects the winner assesses how concrete, visible and participatory the candidate projects are.
• The winner is selected by the Sustainable Development Forum of Energy Finland. Hannele Pokka, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment, chairs the forum.
• This year, a total of 19 projects entered as candidates for the award.

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