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Fortum and Cyclife start a partnership in nuclear decommissioning services

25 May 2018, 10:05 EEST



Fortum and Cyclife Sweden, part of EDF Group, have signed a partnership to develop commercial services in nuclear decommissioning and waste management focusing on the Nordic market.

Through this new partnership, the companies will utilize their complementary competencies and strong experiences in nuclear decommissioning and waste management to offer an extensive service supply and create value for its customers through cost optimization, risk mitigation and interface reduction.

With a comprehensive range of services & expertise, Cyclife and Fortum will be able to support its customers at each stage of decommissioning projects on all main activities of each working block. The companies services will include, waste management services with all-inclusive solutions and innovative dismantling concepts in nuclear decommissioning.

"Integrating Fortum's conventional dismantling technologies and methods into the nuclear industry creates cost-efficient solutions and the basis for an industrialized decommissioning platform," says Anni Jaarinen, Head of Decommissioning and Waste in Fortum's Nuclear Services.

"Cyclife Sweden has full access to EDF group’s thirty years of decommissioning experience on its own fleet, and as such bring its large capabilities and skills on nuclear decommissioning and waste management through its local radioactive waste treatment facility," says Mats Fridolfsson, Managing Director of Cyclife Sweden.

This partnership reflects the ambition of both Groups to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient radioactive waste management and decommissioning solutions to the nuclear industry.

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More information:
Anni Jaarinen, Head of Decommissioning and Waste, Nuclear Services, +358 40 825 7217

Fortum Nuclear Services
Fortum Nuclear Services offers innovative solutions for the nuclear power industry which help to ensure high safety and best economic performance. We offer a wide range of expert services throughout the whole lifecycle of nuclear power plants: starting from preparation of a new-build project up to decommissioning and nuclear waste disposal. Our innovative products include, for example, highly efficient technologies for purifying radioactive liquids (NURES®), advanced process simulation software (Apros®), comprehensive maintenance optimization (ReMaint®) and new digital solutions to improve plant operations and training. In addition, we provide a complete set of services for safe and economically efficient decommissioning with sustainable waste management.

CYCLIFE Sweden, part of EDF Group
Launched in 2016, CYCLIFE is the brand created by EDF to carry offers in decommissioning and radioactive waste management. It relies on industrial waste treatment assets in France, Sweden and UK. Cyclife Sweden AB is the Swedish subsidiary of this new international platform.