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Fortum strengthens its hydropower team with 250 talents in Finland and Sweden

03 June 2024, 8:00 EEST


Fortum has reached a significant milestone today by welcoming 250 employees to its hydropower operations and maintenance team in Sweden and Finland. About ten years ago, Fortum outsourced its hydropower maintenance staff. In 2023, Fortum reviewed the possibility of reintegrating the maintenance staff into the organization with the aim of increasing efficiency and fostering a stronger sense of ownership and community within the hydropower business. After completing the analysis in the summer of 2023, the decision was made to bring back the maintenance staff.

Through the integration of 250 new colleagues in Sweden and Finland, Fortum is taking a significant step towards more efficient and quality-driven operations with a community focus, strengthening its position as a leading player in the hydropower industry. Fortum now looks forward to further strengthening its market presence by actively recruiting local labor. The resources and expertise of the communities where Fortum operates are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of its facilities, as well as for building strong relationships and creating positive impacts in the local communities.

“Operation and maintenance are critical parts of our core business. By integrating our hydropower facilities and staff within the same organization, we create a more cohesive and efficient working environment,” says Katarina Atteryd Eckerwall, Head of Fortum's Hydropower Facilities. “We hope and believe that this will increase our ability to address challenges, promote a safety culture, and enhance the quality of our operations and maintenance.”

The integration of new employees into Fortum's organization also enables improved competence development and knowledge transfer in the hydropower sector. By gathering skilled technicians and experts under one roof, Fortum promotes learning and innovation, which are crucial to meeting the energy needs of the future.

“At Fortum, we value the local connection and look forward to deepening our engagement with the communities around our hydropower facilities. By integrating local labor, we strengthen not only our company but also the communities where we operate,” Katarina continues.

Fortum looks forward to welcoming its new colleagues and continuing to drive the fossil-free energy transition in line with our strategic goals and values. A robust system relies on a good mix of fossil-free power sources and how different capacities are combined in the electricity system. Hydropower is central to the Nordic energy system, accounting for almost half of the Nordics electricity production. Therefore, it is crucial for Fortum to maintain the hydropower plants to continue strengthening the Nordic energy system.

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