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What does a business electricity agreement deliver besides electricity?

15 June 2021, 11:15

All businesses, big and small, need electricity for their operations and a business electricity agreement delivers that. But in addition to electricity, the right electricity agreement also brings more to the everyday life of entrepreneurs: the confidence of knowing that everything will go smoothly as agreed upon, a positive frame of mind knowing that the climate is being considered in the business operations, and a sense of security knowing that help and advice are always available.

What does a business electricity agreement deliver besides electricity?

Entrepreneurs have their hands full dealing with the company’s core business. So choosing a reliable electricity company brings welcomed peace of mind and offers the entrepreneur an effortless approach to business electricity. A reliable electricity company makes sure that everything works, makes its expertise available to the entrepreneur, and gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to participate in climate change mitigation by offering eco-friendly electricity.

At first glance, it might seem like the electricity agreement’s role in business operations is seen only when paying the electricity bill, but taking a closer look shows that there are a lot of other things that go into a good business electricity agreement. This article offers a collection of factors that are part of a business electricity agreement with a reliable partner.

How can you be sure about the reliability of an electricity company?

Electricity for businesses should enable as smooth and straightforward service as possible for a business to operate without taking unnecessary time away from the company’s core functions. That’s why it is wise to verify the reliability of an electricity company when choosing one. Below we have listed statutory issues or issues that are included in a company’s own principles that typically point to a reliable company:

  • The company’s customer service contact info, such as phone numbers, is easy to access, and connecting with them is problem-free.
  • The company communicates about any changes to your agreement openly and in a timely manner.
  • Your bill contains the legally required information, at minimum.
  • You get your bill on time – and any compensation, if there’s an error on your bill.
  • The salesperson helps you choose the agreement that’s right for you.
  • The company’s actions are as promised.
  • The company’s ways of operating feel fair.
  • If you make a complaint, the company reviews the matter within a reasonable time and proactively communicates with you regarding the complaint.

When an electricity company operates as it has promised, you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Transparency matters

A reliable electricity company is also transparent: customers can see their exact energy usage and costs. Certain services are available to monitor consumption and to take actions in everyday life to effect the consumption.

Monitoring the amount of energy your company is using is easy with Fortum Yritys Online, a service that has comprehensive information about your company’s energy consumption.

A reliable electricity company helps entrepreneurs in everyday life

When signing a business electricity agreement, the success of the upcoming collaboration is already being weighed. Does the electricity company have an agreement that is right for your company’s operations, is it continuous or fixed-term, with a fixed or hourly price? If your company grows, will you have to switch to a different agreement? Contacting customer service can help you choose the agreement option that is best for your business.

When you have a question, you don’t want to wait for an answer. Customer service’s expertise and willingness to help and listen to the customer is important to entrepreneurs. Fortum’s customer service answers your call without having to wait.

So, a business electricity agreement is about so much more than just electricity. It’s about a comprehensive partnership, customer service expertise, the reliable supply of electricity, and a shared journey towards a cleaner world.

Read more on why reliability was especially important to one of our customers, Hårteam1 from Stockholm.

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