Hanhikivi 1

  • Plant and functional architecture level documentation of safety systems, licensing documentation (based on ADLAS®). 2015–
  • Support in I&C architecture level documentation (applying ADLAS®). 2017–
  • Engineering simulator (based on Apros®). 2014–
  • Mechanical engineering support. 2016–
  • Support in layout design, 2016–
  • Support for O&M planning 2017–
  • Design of interim storage of spent fuel and compilation of Preliminary Safety Analysis Report and Construction License Application documents for it. 2016–2017
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of different alternatives for spent fuel interim storage. 2015–2016
  • Review of safety analyses. Hazard review. Support in evaluating seismic design basis. 2016
Nuclear power

Support for Nuclear Newbuild projects

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