Support for Nuclear Newbuild Projects

Based on extensive experience for supporting nuclear newbuild projects and newcomer countries, Fortum offers technical support and consulting services for Customers to utilise the know-how of an experienced Owner-Operator throughout all phases of the project.

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Project Development and Feasibility Studies

Fortum's support with program planning and feasibility studies will help obtaining a holistic picture of the nuclear power plant project and mitigate project risks early on.

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Nuclear Expertise

Fortum has longstanding engineering knowledge in many technical disciplines and 40+ years of experience as an NPP Owner Operator.

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Fortum is independent from plant vendors and technology suppliers.

Fortum has extensive and wide-ranging experience from all stages of nuclear newbuild projects, ranging from site selection and characterisation to construction oversight and commissioning. We have gained our competence both from our own projects and from technical support and consulting services to customers in Finland and abroad, including nuclear newcomer countries. Based on this experience and our 40+ years of experience as an Owner-Operator of nuclear power plants, we understand the needs and challenges faced by an organisation planning to contract nuclear power plants, and to construct and eventually operate them. Fortum's experience and expertise benefit Customers who are developing nuclear newbuild projects based on large units and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) alike.

As a major European utility, we work within several international forums to mitigate risks related to newbuild projects. We have participated in EUR Vol 3 assessments and projects related to large NPPs, covering several different types of reactor technologies. We conduct R&D related to emerging SMR technologies and on the feasibility of SMR projects, also together with international partners. We have up-to-date, hands-on experience in supporting Customers in their SMR projects.

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Jani Ikonen

Newbuild and Operating Services
Tel: +358 40 357 2467
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Consultation Services for SMRs

Our expertise can ease your first steps into a SMR newbuild or help you better understand the markets and technology.

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We offer services for the whole life-cycle of nuclear power plants

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