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Key challenges

Management of a complex construction project

Even if the plant is constructed based on a turnkey contract, there are numerous parallel activities and different contractors at the site at the same time. Quality and compliance of the works with safety, design, and quality requirements will need to be ensured in parallel with the actual construction work. Technical challenges, which inevitably occur even daily, combined with the large scale of the project, complex logistics and contractual interfaces, means that the management of the project can be very challenging.

Planning and completion of commissioning

Commissioning will need to prove that the plant has been constructed as planned, fulfills the design and safety requirements, and can be operated safely and efficiently. Commissioning usually implies transfer of the operational responsibility of the plant to the license holder, who is typically responsible for operation already during commissioning after the initial fuel loading.

Fortum´s Value Proposition

Fortum has supported its customers in their projects to construct and commission plants. We have also implemented extensive plant modifications at our own plants, and led the design, construction, and commissioning of new auxiliary nuclear facilities. Based on our experience, we are able to provide support e.g. in

  • Review of design and as-built documentation
  • Quality assurance and quality control during construction
  • Radiation protection on site
  • Review and compilation of commissioning plans and test programs
  • Support in commissioning activities and test runs
  • Guarantee tests
  • Validation of operation procedures.

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