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Key challenges

Technology assessment

A key task in a newbuild project is to find and select a plant technology that is feasible for the project in question, based on the Customer’s needs and priorities. During this stage, several technology options are studied and site information is collected to assess their suitability for the site(s) and their licensability. The assessment provides important input for evaluating the economic feasibility of the project. Contractual and legal models and boundary conditions, among other things, also need to be taken into account preliminarily.

Capability to manage the project

The Customer will need to build up its capability to manage the project early on. Development of an overall program plan is essential in order to ensure that all the necessary elements are identified, considered, and set up in time. This includes timely development of the Owner-Operator’s organisation and building up its capability and processes to conduct the licensing, construction and commissioning of the plant.

Fortum´s Value Proposition

Fortum can perform feasibility studies and program planning independently of plant vendors and technology providers. The planning and studies can be carried out so that the Customer’s personnel are closely involved. This enables transfer of our extensive Owner-Operator knowledge and enables the Customer to build up its capability to manage the project effectively, taking into account the long-term aspects related to the operation of the plant over its entire lifecycle.

We have first-hand experience and an extensive knowledge base of most current plant technologies, based on feasibility studies and other assessments including both large NPP units and SMRs. Thus, we are fully familiar with the “pain points” of the various technologies and can perform the work effectively and save the Customer’s resources, without having to start from scratch.

Olli Kymäläinen

Senior Manager
Newbuild and Operating Services
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