Wind power – a renewable and clean source of energy

Wind will be one of the main renewable energy sources to generate electricity in the future. With excellent wind conditions in our home markets, and with increased efficiency through larger rotors and economies of scale, wind power will be a key part of our move to zero-emissions electricity production.

Renewable energy

Wind is a one of the most important renewable energy sources.

Low emissions
Zero emissions

No CO₂ is released into the atmosphere when electricity is generated with wind turbines.

Solutions for sustainable cities
Improved efficiency

Advancement in wind turbine technology has improved efficiency.

Fortum Wind Power key figures


megawatts (MW) of capacity together with our partner in the Nordic

380 MW

under construction


windfarms in operation

Growth in wind power production

Wind power plays a key role in Fortum’s strategy. Over the last few years we have taken many steps to growth. We are currently operating 345 megawatts wind power (MW) with our partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

And more is on the way! We are currently working on building more wind power: we have more than 1 100+ MW at various stages in the process of getting the permits and planning ready. No investment decisions have yet been taken on these development projects.

Under construction we have the 380 MW Pjelax wind farm with the the energy company Helen Ltd in Ostrobothnia, Finland. 

Wind power has endless potential

Wind power is an increasingly important source of renewable energy, as its potential is unlimited. No fuel is used when producing electricity from wind, so no emissions are released into the air. Also, the carbon emissions during the construction phase are offset by the renewable energy the wind farm produces within six months of a wind farm’s operation.

Advancements in wind turbine technology with all larger rotor and taller turbines have increased power capacity. Today’s wind turbines are more powerful and more efficient. As part of our commitment to a clean energy future, we will continue to invest in wind power.

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Wind power

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Wind power and the environment

Using wind power, a renewable energy source, is one of the ways to slow down global warming. The environmental impact of wind power is mainly connected to the infrastructure requirements of wind turbines and the electricity grid. Strict requirements defined by the regulatory authorities must be fulfilled in order to minimise the environmental impacts during the construction and operation of a wind farm.

FAQ - Wind power

What is wind power?
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A renewable source of power generation in which wind is used to turn large propeller-like blades to produce kinetic energy, which is turned into electricity through an electric generator. Wind turbine technology has advanced significantly over the last few years; for example, today’s blades capture the potential of wind even better than before.

How does wind power work?
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Wind turbines are installed in areas where the wind blows regularly. When wind passes through a turbine, the unique shape of the blades causes them to rotate. As the blades spin, they produce kinetic energy, which turns a shaft that is connected to an electric generator.

How is wind power used?
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Electricity generated by wind farms is used by homes and businesses. But unlike some other sources of energy, it is important to note that wind energy is renewable. This means that one important use of wind power is to offset the emissions created by carbon-based electricity generation. Wind power will play an important role in the move to a CO-free, clean energy future.

What happens when there is no wind?
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When there is no wind, another source of energy is needed to balance the energy demand. Fortum balances the wind power production with our large hydropower assets. The ability to use hydro facilities as a regulator for intermittent wind production is important for the power system today. And it provides us with 100% renewable energy.

Where is wind energy used?
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Many regions in the world have strong winds on a regular basis. And, in most cases, it makes sense to set up a wind turbine to capture this natural source of energy. However, for regions closer to the equator – where the sun shines regularly, solar can often be a better option for clean power generation.

What is the carbon impact of wind power?
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Carbon emissions are kept as low as possible during construction of a wind farm. After construction, it takes less than half a year for all those emissions to be offset by the renewable energy the wind farm produces. During its production lifetime, typically 20-30 years, wind power is emissions free.