How to manage classified data in a nuclear project?

In the complex ecosystem of nuclear projects, secure sharing of sensitive data, documents, and communications among stakeholders (including plant owners, regulators, contractors, and third-party vendors) has always been a concern. In addition to meeting multiple levels of security requirements, both national and international guidelines and standards, the solution must also be highly usable from both a business and individual user perspective.  

The demand for a solution that not only facilitates secure collaboration but also seamlessly integrates with international and local standards is more critical than ever. 

Fortum and Insta Advance have now combined their expertise in developing a solution for collaboration enabling secure IT platform for nuclear projects. Together they have co-created a modern, safe, and scalable operating concept, along with a secure IT solution to support the nuclear company’s business. The concept has already been tested with one Nordic customer.

By combining Insta’s in-depth expertise in information security with Fortum’s comprehensive knowledge of the nuclear industry, they have paved the way for the development of new innovative ways of working. The new solution model can be customized and scaled to meet customer needs, from individual projects to comprehensive solutions that adapt throughout the lifecycle of a facility or the business. 

“After recognizing the opportunity to create something new, I explored my network and discovered that not only did Insta Advance match with the concept, but Insta Advance was also eager to contribute to the benefit of the customers,” says Jere Luukkanen from Fortum.  

“I feel that there is huge potential in enhancing collaboration in nuclear projects that can be attained with the combined cybersecurity knowhow of Insta Advance and the deep nuclear industry understanding of Fortum,” comments Otso Manninen from Fortum.

“In collaboration with Fortum, we are exploring the concept of delivering secure, efficient, and scalable solutions that not only meet the requirements of nuclear projects but also aim to set a new standard for collaboration and trust across the industry,” says Jyrki Nivala from Insta Advance.  

Key Benefits of the Concept: 

  • Regulatory Compliance: The ability to combine and adhere to both international and local standards. 
  • Enhanced Cyber Security: Controlled and monitored to effectively mitigate security risks. 
  • Effective Collaboration: Facilitates seamless interaction between parties, reducing the need for travel and driving down costs. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Designed for purpose, offering significant cost savings and rapid deployment.

Fortum Nuclear Services offers the solution concept as part of other services to enhance overall safety and support lifecycle management for existing and new nuclear customers. 

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