Edvard Axelman

14 December 2023, 11:21 EET

Edvard, Computer and Information Engineering student, worked with Fortum's end-user services, delving into hardware standardisation, developing new processes and analyzing device compliance together with his trainee colleague. 

After finishing my second year in the Computer and Information Engineering program, I wanted to gain valuable work experience in IT. After some searching, I came across an advertisement by Fortum that peeked my interest, and after a quick application process, I was onboard! 

Working in end user services you get to work with a lot of people, which I really enjoy doing. We plan and make decisions that have a broad impact on the users which can be a bit nerve-racking but also makes you more motivated to perform well. Tasks can range from hardware-standardization, developing new processes and analyzing device compliancy. Most of the tasks I have are done together with my other trainee colleague which gives us the opportunity to gain experience from each other. 

One of the bigger projects we have been working on is recovering stale assets so they can be used elsewhere to make our use of resources more efficient. It has required us to manage large datasets and cross-checking it in other systems which have been a bit challenging! My biggest achievement has been my proposal for a way to automate the process of users requesting local admin privileges on their machines. If implemented, it will dramatically reduce the resolution time! 

What I’m most surprised about is how much freedom I have to come up my own solutions and ideas. My manager has repeatedly told me that “There are no stupid questions” and “Don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas” which have given me a lot more confidence in my own work. Most of my tasks that’ve been given are things that a “regular” employee would do, which I really appreciate because it makes an actual impact in the company. 

Another thing that really surprised me was that people were immensely helpful. If you are stuck with a task or just wondering about something people are always eager to help, even if they are not directly involved in thing that you are doing. I have really enjoyed my stay here at Fortum during the summer, I have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge which will definitely come in use later in my career. Getting to work with such competent and professional people was a privilege and I will miss it.

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