Tees biomass-fired renewable energy plant, United Kingdom, O&M project 2017 - ongoing

Fortum eNext has an operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement at Tees biomass-fired renewable energy plant in the UK. The agreement is a continuation of a long history of Fortum’s O&M services in the country.

Teesside UK project site

Project description 

Fortum’s world-class operation and maintenance (O&M) concept and extensive experience as an owner and operator of biomass-fired power plants was one of the most important reasons for why Fortum eNext was chosen as operation and maintenance partner at the new power plant. When starting its commercial operation, the 299 MW Tees renewable energy plant in the UK will be the largest and most efficient dedicated biomass-fired power plant in the world. The plant will be using wood pellets and chips from United States and Europe as the fuel.

Under long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract, Fortum is responsible for the full-scope operation and maintenance activities at the plant, including mobilisation, staffing, operation and maintenance, management of a steam turbine with a long-term service agreement as well as the implementation of Fortum's O&M digital tools CMMS and TOPi®. The full-scope operation and maintenance means that Fortum eNext takes the overall responsibility for power plant operation and maintenance activities including operational and service management as well as for the personnel.

Digital solutions provided by Fortum eNext

CMMS is Fortum's maintenance management solution based on IBM Maximo, offering all necessary information about process locations, equipment and storage. It helps e.g. planning the maintenance and outage processes and improves plant availability and efficiency. TOPi® is an energy management system for real-time monitoring and optimisation of power plant processes.

Fortum’s contribution to the project:

  • Process risk assessment (HAZOP)
  • OM staff recruitment
  • Management of EPC training
  • Provision of Fortum O&M training
  • Fortum’s Operation and Maintenance IT systems including TOPi® and CMMS Fortum’s Maintenance Management Solution
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) in place before Commercial Operating Date (COD)
  • Implementation of Fortum’s Safety Management System
  • Overall management of power plant operation and maintenance activities

Customer benefits

  • High level of power plant availability and reliability
  • Optimised power plant performance
  • Cost effective management of operation and maintenance activities and optimised power plant lifetime costs
  • Management of EPC training and provision of Fortum’s O&M training to ensure motivated and multi-skilled staff
  • Fortum’s Integrated Management System  (IMS) based on TOPGen® concept in use at the plant. TOPGen® concept is a combination of organisational excellence, open leadership, multiskilled persons and technical expertise and fulfils the ISO quality certificate requirements. 
  • Fortum O&M management tools in place ensuring the business is effectively & efficiently managed
  • Fortum Safety Management System ensures high level of EHS and safe system of work processes at site
  • Modern O&M digital  tools are provided for training and effective management of daily operation and maintenance activities


Power plant:
New 299 MWe biomass-fired CHP plant in Teesside, United Kingdom. Fueled by wood pellets and chips from
United States and Europe.

Location:  Middlesborough, North-East England

Power output and customers:
The Tees renewable energy power station will burn wood chips and pellets to generate
electricity for the equivalent of 600,000 homes, 24 hours a day. Meet the UK renewable energy target of 15% of all energy by 2020.

Owner: MGT Teesside Limited, in the UK

Commercial operation:  due to start in 2020

Project duration:  2017 - ongoing

Long-term operation & maintenance (O&M) agreement (signed in 2016). Full-scope O&M. 

Our operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 quality management systems. 

Certified Quality of thermal plants

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