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Fortum Supplier Day took a look at what’s ahead

12 September 2019, 15:39 EEST


The first ever Group-wide Fortum Supplier Day was held on Thursday, September 5th, at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. An audience of five hundred or so came to listen, to be part of the discussion, and to learn more about Fortum’s various products, services and production forms.

Many of the Supplier Day visitors came to thank Fortum for being genuinely transparent and agile. It ventured to bring to the stage also the differing opinions held by various stakeholders about what should be done in the future. That kind of boldness is still a rarity.

Ville Halonen, Fortum’s Vice President of Corporate Procurement and the host of Supplier Day, was very pleased with the outcome and thanked all the suppliers and those who took part in organising the event. In fact, he notes that, “We have received a lot of positive feedback and plenty of visibility through, e.g., the participants’ LinkedIn posts.”

Link to Fortum Supplier Day’s presentation materials.