Fortum eNext to supply unique combustion technology for Finland’s first activated carbon facility

03 December 2019, 16:39 EET

Fortum eNext was selected to participate in the design and manufacturing of the post-combustion system for Vapo Oy’s first activated carbon facility in Finland. Fortum eNext was able to demonstrate the most advantageous solution to reduce NOx emissions produced in the combustion process.

Fortum eNext will participate in the design and manufacturing of the post-combustion system for Finland's first activated carbon facility.

Fortum eNext has signed a contract with Belgium-based John Cockerill Group to participate in supplying the post-combustion system as part of their delivery to Vapo Oy. Vapo is building its first activated carbon facility in Finland in response to growing international demand.

John Cockerill Group will supply the main equipment, i.e. the activation thermal reactor, to the facility and Fortum’s post-combustion technology will be used to burn the pyrolysis gases produced in the core process.

“We have designed and supplied different types of combustion systems for more than 30 years. Our success is based on our own development work and the creative solutions by our team. This project is unique, as this kind of combustion has never been done before. We are eager to demonstrate our know-how with a new type of fuel,” says Antti Heinolainen, Product Manager at Fortum eNext.

Last spring, Fortum eNext conducted a study for Vapo to evaluate the most advantageous solution to reduce the NOx emissions produced in the combustion process. The study showed a remarkable decrease in the emission levels using our innovations, and Fortum’s solution was consequently selected. 

Fortum eNext’s delivery consists of basic design of the combustion chamber and supply of a low-NOx burner with auxiliary equipment and an Over Fire Air system. The project has a tight schedule, as the delivery at site will be made early next year, followed by testing, commissioning, and optimisation. The facility is planned to begin commercial production by the end of 2020.

Reducing nitrogen oxides is part of curbing climate change

At Fortum eNext, we aim to accelerate the change towards a cleaner world by applying our technical expertise to reduce emissions from energy production.

Since 1994, Fortum has performed approximately 50 coal-fired boiler modification projects in the EU area. These modifications have reduced NOx emissions cumulatively by more than 700,000 tonnes, of which more than 100,000 tonnes in Finland. By comparison, Finland’s total NOx emissions were 130,000 tonnes in 2017.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is used in many air and water purification applications. Activated carbon is also needed in industrial processes and food production to adsorb chemicals, metals and odours. The most familiar everyday applications include car cabin air filters, extractor hoods, water filters and vacuum cleaners.