Fortum welcomes the European parliament’s decision to accept the inclusion of nuclear power in the EU taxonomy

On 6 July, the European parliament voted for the Complementary Delegated Act (CDA) on EU taxonomy, establishing criteria under which nuclear and gas activities can be regarded taxonomy-aligned. The outcome that is in favour of the CDA is an important step towards Finland’s 2035 climate neutrality target and EU’s objective to be climate neutral by 2050.

Loviisa power plant has two VVER pressurised water reactors.

Throughout the development of the EU taxonomy framework, Fortum has called for a technology-neutral approach to climate neutrality and the appropriate recognition of the role of nuclear energy in the European energy transition.

Therefore, we are pleased to see that the European parliament recognises the vital contribution of CO2-free nuclear power in the EU decarbonisation efforts. Also international fora, such as the IEA and the G7 Summit, have recently highlighted the increasingly important role of low-carbon nuclear power in the current geopolitical environment.

We also see that the taxonomy framework as approved today, can play an important role in facilitating the transition from fossil to clean gases, and in developing the European hydrogen economy.

The war in Ukraine and persistently high energy prices underline the need to reduce Europe’s energy dependency whilst stepping up the transition towards clean power and clean gases. The complementary delegated act on EU Taxonomy helps support these objectives.

Merja Paavola

Vice President, Corporate Public Affairs
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Anne Malorie Géron

Director, EU Affairs
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