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Clean and domestic wind power strengthens Finland's energy self-sufficiency

12 September 2022, 16:51 EEST

Kalax tuulipuisto 2022

Fortum aims to increase wind power production in Finland. The conditions in Ostrobothnia make it an excellent place to develop wind power projects. Local cooperation is key to the success and acceptability of projects.

The Kalax wind park, in operation since the end of 2020, is the largest wind farm in the Närpes region. According to the opinion poll commissioned by Fortum, 83% of Närpes’ residents are in favour of the Kalax project. The inauguration of Kalax, postponed due to the covid situation, was celebrated with an open public event on Friday 9 September.

"According to our survey, 75% of the people of Närpes believe that wind energy is necessary to mitigate climate change. It is important that the climate benefits of wind power are recognised. Renewable and domestic wind power generation has a really important role to play in achieving a carbon neutral energy system. Fortum's goal is to increase clean electricity production in Finland through wind power," says Mikko Iso-Tryykäri, Head of Wind Development at Fortum.

Kalax produces 300 00 MW of renewable electricity per year. Its production directly benefits local businesses, helping to reduce their emissions. 70% of the electricity produced by the wind park is sold directly to the Finnish energy company Neste under a long-term contract. The local distillery in Koskenkorva also replaces about half of the electricity used with Kalax wind power.

"We are very pleased that the people of Närpes have such a positive attitude towards Kalax. Good cooperation with local landowners and other stakeholders has been really important to us and has carried through the whole project from the planning and construction stages," says Hans Vadbäck, Project Development Manager.

"We hope to continue our good cooperation with the Närpes region and the residents and stakeholders of Ostrobothnia in future wind farms. We believe that Kalax's strong support will also enable us to implement new projects in this region", Vadbäck continues. 

The study was carried out by Taloustutkimus Oy on behalf of Fortum. The survey investigated the opinions of 18-79 year olds living in Närpes about wind power in Närpes. The survey was answered by 202 respondents from the target group. The interviews were conducted between 29.8.-30.8.2022.

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Mikko Iso-Tryykäri, Head of Wind Power Development, +358 50 453 2650