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Fortum and Westinghouse Electric Company sign an agreement for the design and supply of a new fuel type for the Loviisa power plant

22 November 2022, 9:00 EET

Loviisa nuclear power plant, winter


Fortum has signed an agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company for the design, licensing, and supply of a new fuel type for the Loviisa power plant. The new fuel type is based on British Nuclear Fuel Limited’s fuel that was supplied to the Loviisa power plant from 2001-2007 and used in parallel with the fuel supplied by the Russian TVEL in the early 2000s. Taking the new fuel into use is a multi-year project requiring regulatory approvals.

“The new and parallel fuel supplier will diversify our fuel strategy, improve security of supply and ensure reliable electricity production at the Loviisa power plant also in the future,” says Sasu Valkamo, Vice President, Loviisa nuclear power plant.

“We are proud to support Fortum’s operating fleet with fuel reload quantities, building on our successful collaboration delivering VVER-440 fuel for Loviisa from 2001 to 2007," says Tarik Choho, Westinghouse President of Nuclear Fuel.

The fuel agreement with the Russian TVEL is valid until the end of the current operating licences, i.e. 2027 and 2030. In spring 2022, Fortum applied for a new operating licence for both Loviisa power plant units until 2050, and announced that a tendering process will be arranged for fuel supply for the new operating licence period. The agreement signed with Westinghouse Electric Company supports Fortum’s aim to strengthen the security of energy supply; the experiences gained from the use of the new fuel will create prerequisites for successful fuel tendering.

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Loviisa nuclear power plant
In 2021, the load factor at Fortum’s fully-owned Loviisa nuclear power plant was 92.9%. The continuous development and modernisation of the power plant enable load factors that are among the best for pressurised water reactors on an international scale. During the past five years Fortum’s investments in the Loviisa power plant have totaled about EUR 325 million. In 2021, the power plant produced a total of 8.2 terawatt hours (net) of electricity, which is more than 10% of Finland’s electricity production. Fortum employs about 700 nuclear sector professionals, 530 of them work at the Loviisa power plant. Additionally, nearly 100 permanent employees of other companies work in the power plant area every day. More information:

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