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Fortum Corporation Board Committees 2023 and change in the composition of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board

13 April 2023, 18:15 EEST

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At its meeting held after the Annual General Meeting, Fortum’s Board of Directors elected, from among its members, Mikael Silvennoinen as Chair, and Luisa Delgado, Teppo Paavola and Maija Strandberg as members to the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Furthermore, the Board elected Essimari Kairisto as Chair and Jonas Gustavsson, Maija Strandberg and Vesa-Pekka Takala as members to the Audit and Risk Committee.

In addition, the Board resolved to establish a new Board committee for technology and investment related matters. The Technology and Investment Committee (TIC) is a board committee established in accordance with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code and its duty is to evaluate and make recommendations to the Board, inter alia, on technologies related to the production of clean energy, electricity and gas, investment proposals and the achievement of sustainability targets. The Board elected Ralf Christian as Chair, and Marita Niemelä, Johan Söderström, Vesa-Pekka Takala and Mikael Silvennoinen as members to the Technology and Investment Committee. The Committee will report to the Board.

Composition of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board

Following the election of Maija Strandberg as member of the Board of Directors of Fortum, the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office has appointed Minna Pajumaa, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Financial Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, Ownership Steering Department, as member of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board to replace Strandberg effective from the end of the Annual General Meeting held on 13 April 2023.The Shareholders’ Nomination Board has elected Minna Pajumaa as Chair of the Nomination Board. The term of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board will continue until the new members have been appointed to the Nomination Board on the basis of the registered holdings as of the first working day in September 2023.

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