Fortum’s CEO Markus Rauramo appointed Vice President of Eurelectric

Presidency of Eurelectric 2023-2025


Today, 19 June 2023, the new Presidency of Eurelectric, the trade body representing the European electricity industry, started its work in Brussels. Markus Rauramo, CEO of Fortum, has been appointed Vice President with Leonhard Birnbaum, CEO of E.ON, taking the lead as President of Eurelectric, and with Georgios Stassis, CEO of PPC, also appointed as Vice President.

The new Presidency calls for a radical ramp up of electrification at a time when Europe needs to accelerate its decarbonisation and ensure its energy independence. Strengthening electricity grids, rethinking Europe’s security of supply, and ensuring proper investment conditions will be their three key priorities.

“Political and industry leaders must now act decisively to defend the EU’s industrial competitiveness without delaying its decarbonisation, nor weakening the integrated energy market with disruptive intra-EU subsidies races. The decarbonisation of heavy industry requires the availability of reliable and 24/7 clean energy at large scale,” said Markus Rauramo in Eurelectric’s press release of 19 June.

Eurelectric is the federation of the European electricity industry with members in over 30 European countries. Eurelectric seeks to contribute to the competitiveness of the industry, provide effective representation in public affairs and promote the role of electricity in the advancement of society.

Fortum is a member of Eurelectric through its memberships in the national industry associations in Finland and Sweden – Finnish Energy and Swedenergy.

Read more from Eurelectric’s press release: The European electricity industry’s new Presidency presents its vision for Europe’s clean energy independence

More information:
Anne Malorie Géron, Vice President, EU Affairs, +32478652801, anne-malorie [dot] geron [at] fortum [dot] com


Image: Eurelectric. In image from left: Markus Rauramo, CEO of Fortum; Leonhard Birnbaum, CEO of E.ON; Georgios Stassis, CEO of PPC